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Chickweed Salve

Chickweed Salve

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Chickweed is a wild, edible "weed" that pops up in the cool weather of late winter and early spring. Nutritious {full of trace minerals and vitamins} and delicious in a salad, Chickweed applied topically also has a cooling and healing effect on the skin which can aid in treatment of minor burns, itchy rashes and bug bites. Also acting as an astringent, Chickweed is helpful in pulling out splinters.

Foraged from our farm, we do not spray chemicals so this weed grows wild and organically. Harvested and infused into organic olive oil over many days and mixed with organic beeswax to make a skin friendly salve.

This product is unscented, but may have a naturally sweet honey-like smell from the beeswax.

2 oz. metal tin

INGREDIENTS: chickweed infused olive oil, beeswax

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