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Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

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Silver is a natural antibiotic! It has historical use dating way back to 1500 BC in China, and was the preferred antibiotic/antimicrobial up until present day antibiotics were patented. There are also horror stories of people turning blue due to over consumption, as with ANYTHING, moderation is key.

Colloidal Silver, is known to be very biologically active due to its aqueous state. Silver has 3 known ways of action: first, it can puncture bacterial cell walls; second, it stops cell respiration + disrupts metabolic pathways; third, it disrupts DNA and its replication cycle. For sources + more info, searching PMID 30373130 is a good place to start.

While some use it internally often, I personally think it should be used conservatively just like any other antibiotic should be used conservatively. {Silver can deplete selenium, so incorporate selenium rich foods if using internally often}. But it’s really great topically!

It’s well known to aid in healing of burns, wounds, infections. It’s really great in an area where a salve or ointment is not appropriate like the eyes or the mouth.

I have used it many times on my livestock + pets on abrasions, abscesses and wounds and always keep it in my first aid kit.

4 ounce spray bottle

INGREDIENTS: silver infused filtered water

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